diverless technology

Diverless technologies

BMT Oceanica has undertaken trials to develop marine monitoring techniques to reduce the need for divers in the water.

BMT Oceanica has undertaken extensive trials to support the development of remote marine monitoring techniques to reduce safety risk and cost associated with divers. 

Marine monitoring, to detect environmental impacts, often involves surveys of corals, seagrasses, macroalgae, invertebrates, sediments and water quality.  BMT Oceanica has developed remote methods that aim to minimise or replace diving for these monitoring tasks.  These methods aim to reduce the risks from diving but can provide significant cost savings.

Many of these remote methods involve the use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) which enable completion several tasks, including:

  • High quality still and video photograph,
  • water quality logger deployment and
  • sediment sampling. 

Accurate repositioning of the ROV between surveys is ensured by an appropriate spread of commercial-grade survey equipment.