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BMT Oceanica provides quality advice and services to the oil and gas, marine resources and aquaculture industries, and delivers effective solutions to the environmental management of ocean outfalls and port infrastructure.

BMT Oceanica also has a dedicated coastal management team with extensive knowledge of coastal processes, geomorphology, marine and coastal geology, oceanography and engineering.

  • oil and gas


    BMT Oceanica understands the needs of our oil and gas customers, including the need for absolute honesty and integrity.

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  • marine outfalls 2

    Ocean outfalls

    BMT Oceanica has monitored the State’s major ocean outfalls for more than ten years. The monitoring and management of marine discharges forms a very large component of the work we do at BMT.

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  • dredging spoil disposal

    Dredging and dredged material disposal

    BMT Oceanica has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the environmental management of both capital and maintenance dredging campaigns.

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  • resources and mining

    Marine resources and mining

    BMT Oceanica has a long association with the Western Australian resources and mining industries, including shell sand, salt, iron ore, lead and titanium dioxide.

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  • ports

    Ports and harbours

    A key focus of BMT Oceanica's work is providing environmental support for the development and operation of ports and coastal infrastructure.

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  • coastal processes

    Coastal management

    BMT Oceanica has a dedicated team of coastal specialists with high-level academic qualifications and extensive experience working on projects in Australia and overseas.

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  • marine resources


    BMT Oceanica provides environmental services to marine aquaculture developments and has a thorough understanding of related technical issues, management approaches and regulatory requirements

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  • marine resources

    Marine resources

    Sustainable exploitation of marine resources requires careful consideration of marine environment values.

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  • PFW thumbnail

    Offshore Production Facilities

    BMT Oceanica provides field surveys for the sampling of produced formation water (PFW) and sediments adjacent to offshore production facilities.

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