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Coastal surveys

With a dedicated team of coastal specialists, BMT Oceanica is Western Australia’s leading coastal services provider.

BMT Oceanica’s experienced staff have expertise in coastal processes, geomorphology, marine and coastal geology, hydrology, oceanography and engineering.  We have applied our skills to address problems experienced in a range of projects, including: ports, harbours, marinas, coastal structures, boat ramps and jetties, maintenance dredging, sand bypassing and shoreline management. 

We take a holistic approach to our coastal projects, considering the various spatial and temporal scales influencing coastal processes, while understanding the relationships between marine, coastal and terrestrial environments.


Shoreline Monitoring

BMT Oceanica conducts and interprets beach profile surveys, sediment characterisation, natural and anthropogenic shoreline usage patterns, LiDAR and LADS surveys, hydrographic surveys and aerial photography.  We pride ourselves on the development and application of innovative technology and have developed the following customised monitoring solutions:

  • Remote visual monitoring units capable of capturing still and video imagery that can be accessed remotely in real-time
  • Depth probing equipment, to accurately determine the depth of unconsolidated sediment
  • Vibrocoring equipment, for collecting onshore and offshore sediment cores to depths greater than can be achieved through manual coring
  • Field sediment cards, for the rapid assessment of sediment grain size, colour, shape and sphericity


Mapping and Spatial Analysis

BMT Oceanica uses spatial data analysis methods to produce high-quality maps and products including:

  • Geomorphic mapping of coastal landforms                               
  • Shoreline mapping using photogrammetric techniques                               
  • Analysis of elevation surveys to calculate height and volume changes
  • Estimation of sediment budgets
  • Inundation modelling and coastal vulnerability and hazard mapping


Coastal Environmental Impact Assessment and Management

BMT Oceanica has designed and completed efficient and effective monitoring and management programs for small- and large-scale coastal projects including:

  • Port and harbour developments
  • New and refurbished coastal groynes and jetties
  • Capital and maintenance dredging
  • Sand bypassing
  • Shoreline stabilisation works


Coastal Setback

BMT Oceanica is experienced in applying Western Australia’s State Coastal Planning Policy (SPP 2.6) to calculate coastal setback, incorporating storm impacts, historic shoreline changes, future sea level rise and inundation.

coastal processes

Coastal management

BMT Oceanica has a dedicated team of coastal specialists with high-level academic qualifications and extensive experience working on projects in Australia and overseas.

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Field sediment cards

BMT Oceanica have developed a Field Sediment Card to facilitate characterisation of marine and estuarine sediments.

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