data management

Data management

BMT Oceanica’s Environmental Data Management Team securely captures, stores, and manages environmental data. We also design and build databases to provide a personalised solution to data storage

At BMT Oceanica, we recognise the often irreplaceable value of data and have developed systems to ensure data are handled appropriately and securely at all times. 

Our data management system is managed by our dedicated Environmental Data Management team which ensures consistency in receipting, verification, quality checks, storage and retrieval of project data. 

BMT Oceanica has designed a system, MarineBase, specifically for marine data storage and retrieval which has the following features:

  • A comprehensive and standardised analyte list for all physio-chemical parameters
  • A process for data verification and quality assurance prior to upload
  • detailed descriptions of sampling locations with precise coordinates and sampling time
  • Detailed metadata and QA/QC available for each data point
  • Internet access to data in a variety of formats, including: onscreen maps, Google Earth layers and downloadable reports
  • Secure user accounts to enable customers to distribute or restrict access to specific datasets.
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Products for data management

At BMT Oceanica, we recognise that environmental data is often irreplaceable and have developed systems to ensure data integrity and securely through all stages.

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