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Environmental Approvals and EIA

Expert advice on project approvals and environmental impact assessment (EIA)

To assist your project’s EIA and approvals process, BMT Oceanica offers a team of highly skilled project managers, marine scientists, statisticians, GIS analysts, commercially qualified divers and experienced field personnel; all supported by our mature, quality-certified systems (ISO 9001:2008) in project management, health and safety, field services and data management.

We provide the following experience and skills:

  • advice on approvals strategy and likely pathways and timing
  • preparation of key documentation
  • consultation and liaison with the regulators and stakeholder on behalf of the customer
  • development of technical scopes to meet regulator guidance
  • management of bidding on major third party scopes
  • implementation of marine and coastal technical studies required for the assessment and approval of projects
  • responses to submissions and appeals
  • advice on condition setting
  • translation of final conditions into management plans
  • auditing of compliance

Our aim is to reduce uncertainty surrounding your project’s EIA and approvals pathway though our approach of “getting it done right the first time” which improves overall project efficiencies and reduces ultimate costs in future re-work.

BMT Oceanica enjoys strong, professional relationships with environmental regulators and a comprehensive understanding of both technical and procedural inputs of EIA and approvals, attained through long-term experience and ongoing professional development of staff.

BMT Oceanica also offers services to undertake audits or compile compliance reports for coastal and marine projects.


Regulatory Approvals

BMT Oceanica has prepared numerous EIA documents including:

  • Environmental Referrals
  • Environmental Scoping Documents
  • Formal EIA–Environmental Impact Statements, Public Environmental Reviews, Assessment on Proponent Information
  • Environmental Monitoring and Management Plans
  • Environmental Plans
  • Offset Packages
  • Sea Dumping Permit Applications
  • Works Approval and Licence Applications
  • Clearing Permits
  • Mining Proposals

BMT Oceanica regularly presents and communicates technical findings of environmental assessments to various stakeholders.

environmental audits

Environmental audits and compliance assessments

BMT Oceanica employs an experienced team of qualified environmental auditors.

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