environmental audits

Environmental audits and compliance assessments

BMT Oceanica provides audit and compliance assessment services for your marine and coastal projects.

BMT Oceanica has a team of marine scientists experienced in environmental compliance assessment, including a specialist group of auditors with marine science qualifications.  Our auditors hold internationally recognised qualifications, including:

  • RABQSA lead auditor for environmental management systems
  • SAI Global internal lead auditor for quality management systems 

BMT Oceanica conducts all audits in accordance with ASNZS ISO19011:2003 Guidelines for Quality and/or Environmental Management Systems Auditing.

Effective auditing is intrinsically linked with an understanding of Western Australia’s EIA process, and knowledge of relevant legislation.  In addition to the RABQSA and SAI training, all of BMT Oceanica’s staff have formal EIA training.

Our approach to auditing and compliance assessment is to encourage best practice and continual improvement to achieve the best outcomes in environmental and quality management.  BMT Oceanica’s reputation for high-quality auditing and compliance assessment is built on a foundation of integrity, reliability and professionalism. 


Compliance assessment and audits

BMT Oceanica has extensive experience with compliance assessments, including:

  • Preparation of compliance registers
  • Development of compliance systems
  • Preparation of audit tables
  • Preparation of compliance assessment plans
  • Review of draft and final documents from a compliance perspective
  • Rreparation of compliance assessment reports 

This experience includes both desktop and site audits for assessment of compliance with various approval documents including:

  • Ministerial Approval Statements
  • Commonwealth approvals
  • Sea Dumping Permits
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental Licences
  • Environment Plans and Oil Spill Contingency Plans
  • Planning approvals
  • Tenement conditions
  • Mining proposals


Changes to proposal or approval conditions after assessment

To maintain compliance following project approval, requests for changes to proposals are often made to the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority.  BMT Oceanica has extensive experience in preparation of applications for changes to proposal or approval conditions subsequent to approval.

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Environmental Impact Assessments

BMT Oceanica maintains an expert understanding of local EIA and regulatory frameworks.

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